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At the Warren and Newton Falls offices of attorney Charles A. Ziegler, we enjoy helping families with stepparent adoption. We typically handle several such cases each year, and it is a pleasure to see the commitment level and willingness of our clients to take on responsibility for children who gain security and other benefits from the decision. Please contact us today for a free and informative consultation.

We Emphasize Efficiency And Affordability

Provided basic legal conditions are met, stepparent adoptions can be quite straightforward in comparison to other types of adoption. Costs can be very manageable as well, and we strive to keep our fees both affordable and stable. We can readily assist you with completion of all forms, filing of documents with the court, court appearances and other requirements.

Ohio state law requires that the parent and stepparent of a child be legally married for at least one full year before the stepparent petitions to adopt the child. Courts will not consider the duration of the relationship before marriage.

Knowledge of Requirements and Consideration of Any Obstacles

Stepparent adoption always involves a parent who has married or remarried and that person’s current spouse. As in all family law matters, our courts prioritize the best interests of the child. Generally speaking, they look favorably on the desire of a family that is functioning well to seek legal bonds and more formal ties.

There is, of course, often another party with an interest in the case. The natural father or mother who may give up their legal parental rights must provide formal consent to a stepparent adoption unless he or she has:

  • Had no communication with the child for a period of at least one year, or
  • Failed to provide any financial support for one year or longer

These circumstances are viewed by the courts as forms of child abandonment. If the child’s natural parent challenges your claim in an effort to block your stepparent adoption, Mr. Ziegler’s decades of experience with a full range of Ohio family law matters can be a tremendous asset.

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Please contact us today if you are considering a stepparent adoption in the Warren or Youngstown, Ohio, areas. We will be happy to discuss the requirements and likely costs of pursuing your case and goals.


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