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You care about your children and want to remain an integral part of their lives. If the other parent feels the same way, a shared parenting agreement may be the best option. Under a shared parenting plan, both parents have custody of the children and work together to determine who the children live with and when.

Are you interested in learning more about shared parenting? Contact our law firm to speak with Ohio shared parenting lawyer Charles A. Ziegler. Located in Warren and Newton Falls, we represent clients throughout Trumbull, Portage and Mahoning counties.

The Logistics of Ohio Shared Parenting

In a shared parenting agreement, both parties have custody of their child or children. During the time that a parent has possession of the child, he or she is designated the “residential parent.” One parent is also designated the “residential parent for school and medical purposes.” In many cases, this is the parent who has the larger amount of time with the children.

Shared parenting is not for everyone. There are many questions that you and the other parent must ask before you decide whether to share parenting or grant one parent sole custody. For example, are you comfortable working out arrangements with your ex when important events come up in your child’s life?

Developing a Shared Parenting Plan

Parties can be as creative as they want to be when they create a shared parenting plan. While your plan is subject to court approval, the courts encourage shared parenting plans. They will even allow deviation from child support guidelines in certain circumstances. Ohio shared parenting lawyer Charles A. Ziegler can help you work out an effective shared parenting agreement with the other parent and present that agreement to the court.

Shared Parenting as an Option for Child Custody Modification

Shared parenting has become popular not only as an option for divorcing parties but also for parties in post-divorce cases. If your divorce has already happened but you would like more time with your child or children, you may be able to bring a motion to modify child custody and request shared parenting.

In some cases, circumstances change to make shared parenting less reasonable. A parent may want to relocate and bring the child along, making shared parenting nearly impossible. You may want to take your child out of a dangerous environment or away from a drug- or alcohol-abusing parent. Work schedules may have changed. No matter what you are now facing, we can help you bring or defend a motion to modify your existing shared parenting agreement.

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