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Parental Relocation

Ohio Post Divorce Modifications Attorney

Parental Relocation Lawyer Serving Warren, Youngstown, and Other Areas

If you have moved away from the Trumbull-Mahoning County area of Ohio, but still have children, a spouse or ex-spouse, or critical court orders in place here, we encourage you to contact our law offices for help with any issue involving divorce modifications or other family law problems.

Real Help for Military Personnel and Others Facing Family Law Challenges

Post-decree motions can be filed here, requiring you to respond even if you are thousands of miles away. Serious legal challenges after parental relocation include:

  • Motions to increase or reduce child support
  • Motions to change child visitation (parenting time) rights
  • Other motions for divorce order modifications

Attorney Charles A. Ziegler has represented family law clients residing in nearly every U.S. state, as well as Afghanistan, Cuba and other foreign countries.

We Defend Your Rights and Prevent Decisions “By Default”

Unfortunately, the local party in your case may try to take advantage of your absence — believing you can’t afford to come back and defend your rights, won’t choose to come back, or will be unable to get solid legal representation here in Ohio. Your ex-spouse, or the father or mother of your children, may count on getting what they want “by default.”

At our law offices, we can represent your interests in most matters here, making sure you are aware of court deadlines and other critical time pressures. Attorney Charles A. Ziegler will employ every legal tactic available to prevent someone taking unfair advantage of you.

Contested Divorce Representation — Changing Jurisdiction

We have represented people who live elsewhere in contested divorce cases here in Northeast Ohio. Especially if children are involved or substantial property is at stake, it can be critical to have a strong advocate keeping you informed of developments in your case and defending your interests.

We also understand the requirements and nuances of changing the jurisdiction for court decisions regarding children from Ohio to the state where they now live. This is a complex process requiring filing of an action in the “destination” state and coordinating a legal effort in Ohio.

Efficient Communication To Provide Counsel and Keep You Informed

Fortunately, we live in the age of email and other high-speed forms of communication. Equally fortunate if your problems are centered in Northeast Ohio, you can turn to a lawyer who will take the time and make the effort to understand your problem, needs and goals.

From the first day you contact us, attorney Charles Ziegler can be your “eyes and ears” on the ground here in Ohio, determined to protect your legal rights.


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