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Division of Assets & Liabilities

Warren Asset Division Lawyer

At Charles A. Ziegler, Attorney at Law, we work closely with our clients in order to ensure their financial interests are protected during divorce and for the future. We understand that this is an emotional time. Our goal is to help everyone involved see the big picture, think clearly and to present options that achieve an equitable division of all marital assets and debts.

Equitable division is defined under Ohio law as what the court believes is a fair and equitable distribution of marital property after taking into account a number of factors. To learn more about your options and rights regarding property division in a divorce or dissolution action, contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced and skilled Warren asset division lawyer, Charles A. Ziegler.

A Youngstown Property Division Attorney With More Than 30 Years of Experience

We understand that every divorce is different. Attorney Ziegler has more than 30 years of experience helping clients identify, valuate and divide all types of assets, such as:

  • Marital home
  • Other real estate investments
  • Personal property acquired during the marriage
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts

Our office knows all of the factors the court will consider dividing marital property, including the length of the marriage, the earning potential of each spouse, and the debts of both spouses, just to name a few. We will carefully discuss these factors with you and how to shape negotiation and arguments before the court that takes them into account.

Dividing Marital Debt

Additionally, the division of marital debt is as important as the division of marital assets. We will also assess all the debts you accumulated during the lifetime of the marriage and help you equitably divide these as well, including:

  • Credit card debt
  • Other lines of credit with remaining balances
  • Medical debt
  • Mortgages
  • Other types of loans

If your ex-spouse agrees to pay off the debt for an account but fails to do so, a creditor can still come after you, regardless of what your divorce settlement says. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider how marital debts will be discharged. We can help you explore and execute negotiating for one spouse to pay off debts in exchange for certain assets going to the other spouse.

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