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One of the most emotional aspects of any divorce or separation is determining what will happen to the children, specifically, child visitation. Finding the appropriate balance between each parent’s desires and the children’s needs can require extensive negotiations and, when that fails, court hearings. It is important to have a skilled child visitation lawyer on your side to help you through the process.

Charles A. Ziegler has more than 30 years of experience helping residents of Ohio with their child visitation needs. He understands the emotional concerns surrounding this sensitive issue and strives to create a comfortable environment to help resolve these life-changing events. Contact our law office today for a free consultation and let us help you with your child visitation needs.

Compassionate Ohio Family Law Counsel

Divorce is a disruptive process for any family, but one of the most emotional aspects is figuring out child visitation (also called companionship and parenting time). Moreover, this aspect can and may be revisited throughout a child’s lifetime until he or she reaches adulthood.

Under Ohio law, there are two forms of child custody, which can affect visitation rights:

  • Sole custody: In a sole custody arrangement, one parent is designated the legal custodian and residential parent of the child. The parent without custody will have “visitation rights”/”parenting time” as determined by the parties, the court, and the Ohio visitation guidelines.
  • Shared parenting: Shared parenting is an agreement between the parties to share the custody of their minor children.

Meeting Your Child’s Best Interests

Your child’s best interests must be foremost in any child visitation arrangement. Generally, courts will follow the principle that children thrive most when they have access to both parents.

Charles A. Ziegler, Attorney at Law, has experience structuring custody agreements that best fit the child’s needs and the parents’ wishes. Whether a parent has sole custody or shares joint custody through a shared parenting agreement, we strive to make sure the visitation schedule allows for relationships to remain intact, strengthen and grow.

Contact an Experienced Child Visitation Attorney

Newton Falls and Warren child visitation lawyer Charles A. Ziegler and his staff use a compassionate approach to help clients work out child visitation agreements. Whether this is your first parenting time agreement following a separation or divorce or you need help modifying child visitation, you can take comfort knowing that Mr. Ziegler is concerned about your well-being as well as your case.

Contact us to speak with a compassionate and attentive Ohio visitation rights lawyer.


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