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Divorces are much simpler when child custody is not involved. It may be easy to divide assets, but it is impossible to divide a child. Youngstown child custody attorney Charles A. Ziegler has more than 30 years of experience in Ohio divorce law and he understands the delicate, emotional issues and practical concerns involved in contested custody cases.

Whether your child custody issue relates to divorce or another cause, Charles A. Ziegler offers insight and professional legal representation. Contact our law firm for a free consultation at our Warren or Newton Falls law office.

Child Custody and Divorce

When children are involved in a divorce, it is important to find a solution that minimizes the effect on them — and to find one quickly. Divorce settlement negotiations and mediation are affordable alternatives to going to court over child custody. If you and your spouse can agree on the child custody issues involved in your divorce, we can help you negotiate a settlement that is in your child’s best interests. In many cases, this means sharing custody through a shared parenting plan.

However, not all child custody cases can be resolved peacefully. If you and your spouse disagree about who should have custody of the children or the details of parenting time, Ohio child custody lawyer Charles A. Ziegler is ready to bring your case to court.

Establishing Child Custody in Non-Marital Cases

If you and the other parent were not married when your child was born, only the mother has custody by law. In order for the father to get any custody or companionship rights, he must file a petition for custody in juvenile court. The court will then question both parents and, in some cases, order DNA/blood testing to determine paternity and make a final custody determination.

Child Custody Modification

Significant changes often happen months or even years after a child custody order is put into place. For example, the residential/custodial parent may decide to relocate or the child may want to move in with the other parent.

These changes can make a child custody and visitation agreement seem out of date and unreasonable. Our Ohio child custody modification law firm helps parents petition the court for a modification of the custody order or defend against child custody modification.

Involved in a Child Custody Dispute? We’ll Be There for You.

When your children’s lives are in flux, you do not want to be kept in the dark. Warren child custody lawyer Charles Ziegler puts your interests at the forefront of his representation. If you have a question, he will be available to answer it or return your call promptly. You need to know what is going on in your case and you need to hear it from your attorney — our law office will never leave you guessing.

To schedule a free consultation at our Warren or Newton Falls law office, call 888-854-0924 or send us an email.


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