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With over 30 years of perspective on Ohio laws and court cases, attorney Charles A. Ziegler has seen penalties for driving while intoxicated (sometimes called DUI or DWI) become dramatically more severe. Today, our courts treat the offense, now called OVI, for “operating a vehicle while intoxicated,” very seriously.

If you have been arrested for OVI, you need to know the consequences you are facing. This is true even for a first offense that does not involve an accident, other traffic violations or other special factors. Jail time is a possibility even under these circumstances.

Taking your chances without at least talking to an experienced DUI/OVI defense lawyer can lead to a devastating shock. Contact us for a free initial consultation on your case.

Knowledgeable DUI Investigations — Proven Counsel on Your Legal Options

Mr. Ziegler is interested in all the circumstances of your arrest and the police DUI/OVI investigations that produced evidence against you. He has performed many DUI investigations and is adept at determining if there were mistakes or omissions by the arresting officer or other officials in your case.

Uncovering such a problem in the prosecution’s case is valuable. It enables us to file a motion to suppress the results of your test, greatly increasing your chance of beating the charge.

Negotiating Aggressively for Reduced Consequences

Although Mr. Ziegler has won numerous acquittals in DUI/OVI cases, we are not in the business of offering false hopes. If you refused a breath or chemical test, or if the test was legally administered and you tested above the legal limit, acquittal may be a long shot.

Going to trial without a strong defense is a risk we advise against — as you could come out with the stiffest penalties under the law. If negotiation for alternative consequences is possible in your case, we will pursue this approach vigorously. We will take an interest in what is essential for you to overcome an OVI/DUI charge and remain productive in society, whether that is:

  • Protecting your driving privilege to the greatest extent possible, including obtaining a limited license for transportation to work
  • Seeking rehabilitation or treatment that may benefit you and will also be viewed favorably by prosecutors and judges

For proven, diligent and affordable OVI/DUI defense you can trust, contact our Warren or Youngstown, Ohio, law offices today.


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