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Driving After Suspension

Warren, Ohio Attorney Helping Those Charged With Driving Under Suspension

Driving is an important privilege that greatly affects our freedom and livelihood. If and when that privilege is taken away it changes how we conduct our day to day activities. It is important to seek out a seasoned attorney who has experience helping those charged with driving under suspension, to regain your driving privileges.

Like all criminal charges, driving under suspension is a serious violation that can result in long-term consequences. At Charles A. Ziegler, Attorney at Law, we understand the severity of this charge. We have almost 30 years of experience in criminal defense, fighting to get Ohioans their rights.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let us help you minimize the impact of driving under suspension charges.

Charles A. Ziegler can help you reinstate your license if you have been charged with driving under suspension. If you are convicted of this offense and are caught driving, your driver’s license suspension can be extended by another year and you may be forced to forfeit your vehicle. You will also be charged with six points against your license. This is the threshold for triggering a letter from the BMV signaling that if any more points are accumulated you are subject to a suspension.

A driving under suspension charge can stem from reasons including traffic violations, or breach of a legal obligation such as paying child support. We will gather all the relevant information pertaining to this suspension and seek to explain to the courts why suspension would create an unnecessary hardship. We will always keep you informed as to all the aspects of your case and the probable outcomes.

Our firm is aggressive in the defense of our clients. We take a driving under the suspension charge as seriously as you do, because we know how much it can affect the rest of your life. Pick a skilled attorney who cares about your livelihood and who will fight passionately on your behalf. Contact us and schedule a free consultation and let us fight your driving under suspension charges.


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